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Capital Funds/Quality Control

BUSS Under Goes Mod-Rehab

What a difference a year makes. The Capital Funds Program has been tearing down to build up. BUSS Street Development is undergoing a Mod-Rehab. Thanks to the committed contractors and the patient residents we are just about to wrap up the badly needed mod-rehab. Buss has a total of 78 apartments; 1,2 3 and 4 bedroom units. Each unit has been given an interior face lift. From new kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucets, vinyl simulated wood floors, new walls, carpeted bedrooms to entrance doors and locks. It didn't stop there each building will be pained and given new Siding.

A model unit complete with all the comforts of home was created so that residents could lodge there for a 24 hour period while the new floors were being installed. The unit was so comfortable that most residents wanted to stay in the model unit instead of returning to their old units. This project really took all of us to complete it. I was afforded the opportunity to meet and talk with several residents about some of the history behind BUSS. The very first resident to enjoy the mod-rehab and to move into the prepared model unit was Mrs. B. Pryor. Mrs. Pryor stated in tears how happy she was to see the mod-rehab take place, she went on to say that out of the 26 years that she had lived in BUSS the past year has been the greatest. She reflected on the fact that BUSS was a place that you came home and you became a prisoner in your unit, because of all of the activity that had consumed BUSS. Residents did not feel comfortable in going outside. They could not walk safely to the neighborhood store.

They dare not let their children go outside and play. Within the past year the Housing Commission and the Benton Harbor Police Department have partnership to literary and physically clean BUSS up. The Housing Commission implemented a resident ID program. Which gave the police department the access and autonomy they needed to combat the heavy loitering problem from individuals who were not residents. The Police Department began to issue tickets and enforce our no loitering policy. This effort has been so successful. The Mod-Rehab is just about complete. Soon we will erect two new playgrounds for the children. Later this fall we will re-name BUSS and have a grand opening ceremonies. We look forward to seeing you there to unveil the new BUSS Development.

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