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Welcome To

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission

Mission Statement

To provide decent, safe, sanitary, in good repair, affordable housing for the residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan.


Administrative Office
(269) 927-3546
Leasing Office
Buss St. 269-927-3544
Wall St. 269-927-3529


Administrative Office
(269) 927-6112
Leasing Office
Buss St. 269-927-5884
Wall St. 269-927-5887

Administrative Office

721 Nate Wells Sr. Drive Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Leasing Offices

925 Buss St.

250 E. Wall St.


Waiting List
Section 8 Waiting List Flyer 4
Covid testing location

Signs of Covid-19

Novel Coronavirus Alert

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

If you or a household member has tested positive you must notify your housing management office right away.


Important Covid-19 Information

A note from our Chairman of the Board


My desire as the Chairman of the Board of Directors is to ensure that our agencies mission and agency goals are accomplished. Our primary focus in the up coming FY year 2016 will be to improve residential services, to strengthen our community partnerships and develop new partnerships. The Board of Directors have committed to HUD, the Housing Commission and most importantly the residents to make sure that all areas of policies, procedures, regulations and legislation, implemented locally, state and on the federal levels will be followed. As we continue to strive for excellence in day to day operations the decisions made will reflect excellence in service for our residents, future residents and the community in which we serve. Although Benton Harbor Housing Commission had been deemed troubled by HUD, working with our Recovery Team to address all areas of concern has allowed our agency the access and autonomy to reach our goal of being removed from the troubled list in 2012. Our continuing goal is to become a premier agency in the 21st Century.

                                 Ralph Crenshaw

The Benton Harbor Housing
Commission is currently accepting
bids for Plumbing Maintenance
Services and Tree Removal Services.

Public Housing

The intent of this section is to provide the public and staff an overview of the history and operation of public housing.

Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher Program formally known as the Section 8 program has made a lot of progress.

Hope VI

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission undertook a tremendous responsibility in accepting HOPE VI.
The future of the Benton Harbor Housing Commission is bright and we look forward to working closely with local, state and national officials as well as our residents to strive for an even brighter tomorrow.

Important Phone Numbers

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission now has a dedicated Complaint Line

You can voice your concerns by calling

(269) 927-1741

Police or Fire Emergency

City of Benton Harbor
(269) 927-8400

Benton Harbor Area Schools
(269) 605-1000

Benton Harbor Library
(269) 926-6139

Benton Harbor
Water Department
(269) 934-7638

Michigan Gas Utilities
(800) 401-6402

Berrien County Health Department
(269) 926-7121

Lakeland Medical Center

Department of Human Services

(269) 934-2000

Social Security Administration
(269) 926-1856

Southwest Community Action Agency
(269) 925-9077

Salvation Army
(269) 927-0400

Indiana Michigan Power
(800) 311-6424