One Strike Policy

Violent Drug Criminal Activity

Lease Addendum

On March 28, 1996, President Clinton signed into law; One Strike and You’re Out Policy. One strike means zero (0) tolerance; which means no second chance. Eviction proceedings will take place on the first offense. Illegal drug activity, criminal activities and alcohol abuse falls under this policy. Leasee agrees that he/she and all household members or guest shall not engage in the:

1. Use, possession, manufactures, sale etc. of illegal drugs, and or criminal activities on or off the Benton Harbor Housing Commission premises, and that he/she is responsible for the actions of any household member, visitor, or guest.

2. Not to engage in the abuse of alcohol or other controlled substances in such a way that may interfere with the health, safety, and right to peaceful enjoyment of their neighbors, staff or commissions. Any violation of these terms will be treated as a serious violation of the material terms of this lease.



Note: Evictions are civil, not criminal matters. A criminal conviction or arrest is not necessary in order to terminate a lease and evict a tenant and or household. Benton Harbor Housing Commission need not meet the criminal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Where State Law requires conviction in order to evict; Federal Law preempts it. Benton Harbor Housing Commission may terminate lease for, reasonable cause to believe.

Important Phone Numbers

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission now has a dedicated Complaint Line

You can voice your concerns by calling

(269) 927-1741

Police or Fire Emergency

City of Benton Harbor
(269) 927-8400

Benton Harbor Area Schools
(269) 605-1000

Benton Harbor Library
(269) 926-6139

Benton Harbor
Water Department
(269) 934-7638

Michigan Gas Utilities
(800) 401-6402

Berrien County Health Department
(269) 926-7121

Lakeland Medical Center

Department of Human Services

(269) 934-2000

Social Security Administration
(269) 926-1856

Southwest Community Action Agency
(269) 925-9077

Salvation Army
(269) 927-0400

Indiana Michigan Power
(800) 311-6424